Guard Tour System - Bank of ChangSha

Location:Bank of ChangSha

Project Necessity

There are 205 branches of off-line self-service Banks in Changsha, all of which are equipped with JWM checkpoint (including community bank, self-service bank, wall-crossing ATM, silver kiosk ATM, lobby ATM and other self-service devices). In order to facilitate the patrolling of the patrol center, all branches are divided into lines. Three patrol teams of two each. Check 205 self-service Banks by dividing them into different lines, and patrol them twice a week. Since May 2015, patrol teams have been conducted on the dividing lines, and urban branches are rotated every quarter.

Project Introduction

Changsha city branch, branches, a total of 116, each branch three checkpoints, installation (respectively installed on the ATM machine, hall, monitor), every two people a group, security guards for this branch patrol once a day. The comprehensive manager of the branch makes a weekly patrol of the branch. The head of the branch patrols once a month.

Solve Problems

Bank of Changsha using JWM guard tour system for security guards work accurately, real and effective evaluation. This move not only ensures the effective management of security guards but also guarantees the personal safety of depositors. Only by allowing security guards to be activated can security be free of hidden dangers, managers can sit still and sleep soundly, and people can be more secure about their property and savings.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+