Application of Patrol System in Yuedun Security Company

Guangdong Yuedun Security Service Co., Ltd. is engaged in security services for various large-scale activities, providing security guards, internal patrols, security patrols, guarding services, and distribution of various public security services for governments at all levels, schools, and public places in Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions. Preventive products and fire fighting equipment services. In the process of continuous improvement and continuous improvement of internal management, the company has introduced the JWM guard patrol system, through efficient management, rational use of internal resources of the company, strengthening of the construction and management of security teams, and striving to expand manpower and realize technical defense and security services. Professionalism is increasing day by day.

Urgent Problems

The manager cannot know whether the security guard are patrolling as required and cannot accurately verify.
Security guard did not make patrol on time without supervision.

Security guard missed or wrongly patrolled, and managers could not know the first time.


Install patrol points at each patrol location and make a patrol plan through the system.
When security patrols, use the patrol opportunity to record the location and time of the card reader location.

When security patrols, you need to hold the patrol machine to patrol on time according to the patrol plan.


The security guards hold the patrol machine and read the card at each patrol point on time according to the patrol plan.
The system will automatically organize the data uploaded in the patrol machine into a patrol report.

After the security uploads data, abnormal data such as missing patrols will be specially marked.


First, according to the actual situation of the patrol, patrol points need to be installed at each location that needs to be patrolled. At the same time, the patrol machine and each point must be mutually read, and the position name of each point must be noted in the electronic patrol system, and the information of the patrol guard , The patrol time is entered into the electronic patrol system to make a patrol plan.

When the security guard patrol, they only need to hold the patrol machine to read the card at each patrol point, deal with problems in time, and upload the data stored in the patrol machine to the computer through the data cable after the patrol. The electronic patrol system will automatically draw a patrol table for managers to view. The patrol table records the time when the patrol guard arrive at each point, and the occurrence of missing patrols will be specially marked, and the patrol results are clear at a glance, accurate and clear.

Product Model: WM-5000V4s

As the flagship model of the patrol industry, the WM-5000V4s patrol machine is the most distinctive feature of the first high-definition LCD display, with 12 working states prompted by Chinese characters. And integrated highlight flashlight, compass, thermometer function. The body adopts a silicone jacket, a metal shell, and a silicone inner liner. The protection level is IP67.

Solved Problem

1. Solved the situation where the manager could not know whether the security guard patrolled as required;
2. Solved the problem of unsupervised security guard. Failure to conduct patrol on time;

3. It solves the situation that security guard missed and wrongly patrolled, and the manager could not know the situation at the first time;