Application of Jianghan University’s Guard Patrol System

Jianghan University (Jianghan University), abbreviated as Jiang University, is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It implements a school system jointly established by Hubei Province and Wuhan City and mainly Wuhan City. It is a provincial comprehensive university and a key provincial and municipal university. Selected as a “domestic first-class discipline construction university” in Hubei Province.


Urgent Problem

  • There is a cheating problem in the form of manual check-in; 
  • Avoid multiple signings, wrong signings, missed signings, etc. due to negative security; 
  • Security guard missed and wrong patrols cannot be known in time, and there are safety hazards (modified);


  • Use the patrol wand instead of handwritten signing, and the patrol wand will automatically record the reader’s information, location and time; 
  • Use the software system to make detailed patrol plans to facilitate changes and statistics; 
  • After the security guard patrol through the patrol wand, they upload the data of the patrol wand to the guard patrol system;


  • Avoid multiple signings, wrong signings, missed signings, etc. due to negative security; 
  • The patrol plan is clear at a glance, the data is clear and well-documented, and the patrol efficiency is improved; 
  • The system automatically organizes data, and abnormal data such as missing patrols will be specially marked, and managers will know in time;

In order to better carry out and improve campus security work, and strengthen the patrolling and supervision of the work of school patrol personnel, the campus has recently completed the installation of the campus guard patrol system. A series of patrol information points have been set up in key patrol locations including main arterial roads, administrative buildings, laboratories, libraries, living areas, etc., to check the working conditions of patrol guard, so that no dead ends are left in the patrol control work, which is completely satisfied The need for campus security patrol management effectively eliminates possible loopholes in the patrol project, guarantees the normal progress of school teaching, life and work, and greatly improves the level of campus security management.


According to the actual situation of the school, the campus safety manager installs patrol points at the locations that need to be patrolled. Then, through the guard patrol system, the patrol points after being sensed by the patrol group are set as the names of the corresponding locations, and the patrol points’ The location, patrol time, period, security and medical personnel names are entered into the electronic patrol system, and a patrol plan is made. During security patrol, it is necessary to hold the patrol wand to read the card at each patrol point according to the patrol plan. The patrol wand automatically stores the card reading location and time. After the patrol, the security guard upload the data in the patrol wand to the guard patrol system, and the system automatically organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to view.

Product Model: WM-5000V8

The WM-5000V8 patrol wand uses military-grade components, rubber jacket, metal shell, silicone liner, and the protection level is IP67; at the same time, the patrol machine also integrates functions such as bright flashlight lighting, compass, thermometer and high-brightness OLED display.

Solve Problem

  • 1. Solved the problem of cheating in the form of manual check-in. 
  • 2. Solved the situation of negative security and multiple signing, wrong signing, missing signing, etc. 
  • 3. Solved the situation where security personnel missed a patrol and could not know in time when the wrong patrol was made, and there are hidden safety hazards.