Advantages of Electronic Door Lock System for College Campuses

As students prepare to return to campus, safety is a top concern for everyone. There is no better way to ensure the safety and protection of students, faculty, staff, and valuable equipment than installing an electronic door lock system.

Learn more about the benefits of using an electronic door lock system on an college campuses and how to increase its effectiveness in a university setting.

Advantages of University Campus Access Control System

Universities have a responsibility to protect students and staff, educational facilities, records, computer equipment, etc. on campus. Thousands of doors need security, and traditional keys and locks simply won’t work.
An access control system ensures the security of all buildings on campus. This includes dormitories, educational buildings, classrooms, sports facilities, offices, car parks, libraries, cafeterias and other student areas. The following are the advantages of electronic door lock system for college campuses.

Improve Security

When using traditional locks, a misplaced dorm key or passkey is an immediate security threat to staff and students. In addition, if the door is propped open, the flow of people entering will no longer be restricted. University administrators quickly realized the benefits of having secure entry points and recording entry data in residence halls, classrooms, offices, and athletic facilities.

Reduce Security Maintenance Costs

Managing key changes is costly and time-consuming. This process becomes even more expensive when you consider that the door lock also has to be replaced or replaced for security purposes. With the electronic door lock system, the University does not have to pay for key replacements. Once lost or stolen the card is deactivated.

Easy to Install and Scale

Larger universities appreciate the fact that access control systems are flexible and scalable. Managers have the option to replace old locks with electronic locks one building at a time, budget permitting. The electronic door lock system is particularly easy to install, requiring no hardware and no wiring. They can be quickly added to new or existing university facilities with little disruption to daily activities.

Remote Management

Access control networks distributed across large university campuses or multiple campus locations can be integrated. This hinged network can then be easily monitored remotely from security headquarters. Access rights, alerts and traffic reports can be managed in a real-time, simplified and unified manner.
For these reasons and many others, college campus administrators are opting for a more efficient method of securing doors by controlling access with electronic door lock systems.

How to Guarantee the Effectiveness of Access Control in Colleges Campuses?

Security experts recommend that university administrators take the following steps to improve the effectiveness of campus access systems:

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Student safety is always the University’s top priority. Vanma has extensive experience in providing electronic door lock system solutions for universities. Get more information about our campus safety services.