The Guide of Access Control System: From Basics to 3 Leading Brands in 2023

Access control systems have become an indispensable tool for ensuring the security and integrity of physical and digital spaces. In an era marked by heightened concerns about data breaches and unauthorized access, businesses and individuals are increasingly turning to access control systems to fortify their security measures. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the world of access control systems, their essentials and industry-leading products.

Access control system

1. Understanding Access Control System

At its core, access control is the process of defining and managing who has the permission to access and use specific resources. The challenge is not only granting the correct access levels but also ensuring that unauthorized access is reliably prevented.

2. Types of Access Control System

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC):In DAC systems, the data owner specifies which users can access specific resources. This often entails setting permissions on file systems based on user profiles or groups. While flexible, DAC can be susceptible to Trojan horse attacks if not carefully managed.
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC):Here, users are given clearance levels, and data has corresponding classification levels. Only users with the necessary clearance can access certain data classifications. This is common in military settings, ensuring data security at different confidentiality levels.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):Roles are assigned to users, and permissions are then attached to roles. For instance, an HR role might have access to personnel files, while an accounts role wouldn’t. This centralizes permission management, making it more scalable and consistent.
  • Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC):This uses policies to define access. These policies can consider numerous attributes: user department, time of day, location of access, type of device used, and more. This provides a nuanced, context-aware access control.

3. Core Components of ACS

  • Access Control List (ACL):These are tables that tell a system which access rights each user has to specific system objects. They enumerate rights and permissions rather than denying them.
  • Access Control Server:This server interprets, enforces, and manages access policies, bridging the gap between data and end-users.
  • Access Card Reader & Biometric Scanner:In physical access scenarios, these are frontline defenses. Card readers interpret data from badges or keycards, while biometric scanners confirm identity using personal physical characteristics.

4. The Necessity of Access Control System

  • Security: In today’s threat landscape, where data breaches are rampant, a robust ACS acts as a formidable line of defense.
  • Confidentiality: Protecting data isn’t just about avoiding breaches; it’s about trust. Confidential data, if leaked, can damage reputations and trust built over years.
  • Accountability: By keeping meticulous access logs, any unauthorized access or anomalies can be swiftly traced back to its source, thereby ensuring responsibility.

5. Recommended 3 Popular Access Control System

In the ever-evolving world of security, certain access control systems have risen to prominence due to their reliability, features, and user-friendliness. While there are numerous options available in the market, some stand out for their exceptional performance and reviews. Let’s dive into three such popular access control systems that have garnered significant attention and trust in the industry.

Honeywell Access Control Systems - Best Pick for Comprehensive Solutions


+ Diverse product range catering to varied needs
+ Renowned for its reliability and robustness
+ Seamless integration with Honeywell’s broader security ecosystem
– Initial setup might be complex for newcomers

Honeywell Access Control Systems cater to enterprises, especially those with critical infrastructure. They offer varied support methods but have limited phone support hours. Pricing isn’t transparent on their website, but custom quotes are available. The system is scalable, supporting unlimited users and multiple sites. It features the Win-Pak Integrated Security Software for unified access control, intrusion prevention, and video surveillance, accessible from any internet connection. Integration with third-party solutions like BioConnect Suprema and Morpho Biometrics is available. The system also automates maintenance and can email reports.

Salto - Best Pick for Wireless Access Control

Salto access control

+ Cutting-edge wireless technology
+ Cloud-based management for easy remote administration
+ Highly customizable for various business needs
– Might be overkill for very small installations

Salto offers smart locks tailored for businesses with cloud-based access control suitable for all company sizes. The Salto app enables mobile key-sharing, eliminating the need for physical access cards. For advanced needs, locks can be controlled via a custom app integrated through Connect API. Access permissions can be set for specific locks and timeframes, offering enhanced security. The cloud-based system allows remote management from any browser. Salto’s scalable solution offers three management plans, including a customizable one for branding.

Vanma-Best for Comprehensive Needs


+ Set access permissions anytime via computer or mobile phone
+ View operation records at any time including access and exit
+ One key to open multiple locks
– Integrate with third-party software

Boasting 23 years in the security sector, Vanma offers diverse solutions in patrol and access control, tailored to enterprises across 20 sectors, such as electric power, railways, and logistics. Their access control system enables customized access rights, comprehensive operation tracking, and immediate deactivation of misplaced keys. This ensures enhanced management agility and heightened security. Moreover, its versatile design permits single-key access to various secure zones and integrates seamlessly with external software, elevating user experience.


In an age where data breaches are frequent, relying on sophisticated access control mechanisms is not an option but a necessity. Brands such as Honeywell, Salto, and Vanma exemplify the industry’s evolution, proving that security can be both robust and user-friendly.

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