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  JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd ----JWM based in Shenyang which is one of the largest guard tour system, GPS checking system & RFID readers manufacturers in China with branch offices in Beijing and Shenzhen together with international distributors worldwide.
Company Profile
JWM Hi- Tech Development Co., Ltd has been engaged in guard tour system area since 2001. We produce guard tour system, GPS checking system and RFID readers for customers all over the world, mainly Southeast Asia, America, Europe, Africa and. They specialize in different areas, such as education, hospital, food industry, bank, chemical industry and so on. However, we can also provide all different kinds of comprehensive security solutions. As one of the largest guard tour system manufacturers, our main product is guard tour system, which is widely used for patrolling such as guards and workers. Guard tour system solve the security problems for customers. Unique design boxes are greatly reduce the shipping and storage cost for customers. In addition, portability and functional design already make guard tour system the main tendency in security markets.
What other advantages do we have to attract our customers?
1. Free service: after-sale service, help customers to use.
2. QC: We provide videos of all procedures during production for customers to learn very clear about the schedule and quality control. All products have the certificate of CE, FCC and ROHS. All of our components are supplied by high-quality suppliers, such as SAMSUNG, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA and so on.
3. One stop service for all different products: We have professional R&D team. We provide unique design for you and your company.
JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd is growing up to be a big brand in guard tour system area. Most importantly, we are becoming a specialist for guard tour system. We devote ourselves to be your
most reliable partner and help you to save cost and create value.

Why Choose Us

  The core values of the enterprise
  Our businesses, our home;
  Our cause, our future!
  Enterprise vision
  A hundred years to do business, a national brand;
  Enterprise mission
  Let no safety hidden danger!


We choose the named and quality supplier for our electron component. And we have the perfect quality control for the raw material and the end product. We make sure that you can get the best product.  

Material Supplier Model
Singlechip Texas Instruments MSP430F149IPWR
Memory chip WINBOND W25Q16DVSSIG
Resistor-capacitor unit Samsung CL31B106KQHNNNE
Battery Panasonic CR123A-3.0V
GPS Module Ublox NEO-6M
resistor-capacitor unit Rohm RB551VM-30TE17
Power supply control chip IR IRF7416
Dynatron Fairchild NDS336P
Clock chip NXP PCF8563T
Optocoupler TOSHIBA TLP521-1
Singlechip Microchip MCP9700