4 Ways to Monitor Your Security Guards

Hiring a security company is usually not enough. As an executive at the highest level, you want to stay on top of security matters – staying informed about the current security situation and whether there are issues that need to be addressed. However, not all security companies provide consistent reports on what their security personnel are doing and the problems they encounter. In many cases, business owners and managers are unable to monitor the activities of their security guards and check that they are performing their duties as contracted.

Here are four ways how these systems can give you more control over your security forces and better oversight of your overall security posture.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to know where your security personnel were on a specific day and time? How helpful would it be to your business if you could directly check if critical areas (such as places where cash and other valuables are stored or prone to violations) were part of your patrol staff’s routine inspections? You’ll end up with peace of mind because you don’t have to wonder if your security forces are doing their job.

Using the Guard Patrol system, guards can scan location tags using handheld devices and automatically upload relevant details (date, time, location, number of times they have been to the location) to the cloud-based system. It generates data about guard activity as it happens.

Data Logging

Most systems include handheld devices capable of advanced data logging. Relevant patrol details (date and time stamp, location, name of officer using the gadget), photos, text and audio recordings can be captured by the device. These are automatically uploaded as attachments to daily security or incident reports.

With the help of these attachments, you can act as quickly as possible on incidents that require urgent resolution.

Comprehensive and Flexible Reporting

The Guard Patrol system is capable of generating all the reports you need, including detailed records of patrol points visited; employee activity; type, date, time and severity of incident; and the name of the officer who recorded the details. Reporting capabilities can also be customized and filtered to reflect the exact information your office needs.

Consistent Reporting

How would you like your security report to be sent to your designated person’s email every day at your scheduled time? With this system, you don’t need to manually follow up with your security company to have them send you a report. One less thing to worry about. You can also directly monitor the performance of your security service provider and assess whether you are satisfied with their service.

In Conclusion

Using the guard patrol system can help you achieve all the above needs. JWM patrol system is the world’s largest patrol system manufacturer. It has the ability of independent research and development and production to provide security services for global customers. Contact us now!