4 Points to Consider When Choosing Guard Tour System

Guard tour system is a necessary means to solve the problem that security guards do not patrol as required. We always face such problems. With 4 points, you can choose the right patrol system, avoid traps, and choose the right patrol system.

1. Durable

Why is the patrol wand used before always broken?

Due to the special application of patrol products, it is very different from other security products. It is a product used to manage and supervise security guard and is extremely vulnerable to strong confrontational psychology from users. In some working environments where management methods are not strong, patrol personnel will use harsh methods such as throwing, spraying, fire, high and low temperature, electromagnetic interference, etc. to deliberately destroy, causing the patrol stick to not be used normally. Therefore, when choosing a patrol product, you can choose a more robust and durable patrol wand with a dropped record (such as WM-5000ES).

The protection rating of patrol products is very important, such as waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof. The recommended rating is IP67. This can solve the maintenance problem after use. There are only two places to look at the three defenses of patrol products. The first one is the USB communication port. If the port similar to the mobile phone is directly eliminated, this is easy to be damaged, and it will not be waterproof and dustproof. It will take less than a month. Will be bad. The second is whether there are screws on the surface. Be cautious when choosing screws. Security can easily open the damaged surface. The final conclusion is that if you buy a contact-type USB port (magnetic port), the patrol product without screws on the surface is more durable.

How to choose dustproof? It mainly depends on the number of protection layers of their board, at least 3 layers can be IP67 dustproof.

2. Software operation

More attention should be paid to the choice of management software. Now stand-alone software is almost all provided for free, mainly depending on whether the installation is convenient or easy to operate, and whether it can meet various functional requirements. As powerful management software, it can automatically analyze the missed patrol and generate a report for managers to compare the missed patrol. At the same time, it can also calculate the missed patrol rate and pass rate, planned patrol, and actual patrol. It is convenient for management personnel to supervise and assess security guards. At the same time, it must be able to automatically back up the database to prevent data loss. For managers, the software is the most commonly used in guard patrol system, and user-friendly operation is particularly important. Of course, if you can choose cloud management software as much as possible, the cloud software can be accessed through a website without installation, and will not interfere with work due to regional restrictions, and it is more flexible in use.

3. After-sale

Why does the selected supplier have no after-sales guarantee?

When communicating with suppliers, he explained the products if professionally or not, indicating whether the suppliers behind them are professional. Whether their attitude is good or not can tell the level of after-sales service behind them. For patrol devices, a professional after-sales service system is essential. In solving the after-sales problems of guard patrol system, after-sales personnel with professional knowledge are required to answer. Can provide one-to-one service to answer when necessary.

4. Product diversification

When the existing equipment can no longer meet the demand, the choice of product upgrade will be inevitable. Suppliers with diversified products are undoubtedly the first choice. The management software is required to support multiple device types at the same time. When the product is upgraded, the original settings can be continued without changing the configuration.